Thursday, 14 April 2011

How to save money on your real wedding flowers

Most of us love real flowers, but wedding flowers can be very expensive here are a couple of tips that will help you keep the price down.

Use only a few of the more expensive blooms and use lots of cheaper blooms to fill out your arrangements.

One of the best tips is to only use flowers that are in season at the time of your wedding. As out of season flowers can cost phenomenally more than ones in season.
With this in mind I am puttng together lists of flowers available by season At the end of this post You will find the Spring list Next week I will be listing summer.

A good florist will help you with these tips, if they do not mention this. Then inform them that this is what you want or look for another florist.


Agapanthus -- Also known as African lillies, These are large very striking flowers.
Anemone -- available in a wide range of colours, these are delicate blooms
Anthurium -- Very exotic, Waxy looking blooms
Aster -- These are like daisys on very straight stems
Bouvardia -- clusters of small, tubular flowers.
Calla Lily -- Available in white and some other colours. although some colours are not in season throughout the year

Bouquet features mokara, cymbidim orchids, lisianthus, scabiosa, freesia, calla lilies and lily grass.
and was made by Fresh Cut Floral Design

Carnation -- These are great as they are long lasting
Cherry Blossom -- very delicate blossoms
Cornflower -- Not just blue as you might expect, you can get pinks. lilacs and even reds
Chrysanthemum -- If you want show, then these large blousy flower heads are for you
Cymbidium orchid -- With up to  12 flower heads a stem, you get a lot of blooms with these orchids.
Delphinium --Mostly available in Blue lilac and white but pink and yellow are also available tall flower spikes
Forget-me-not -- tiny blue flowers on short stems.
Freesia -- Various colours are available. highly scented flowers
Genista -- A variety of bloom masses of tiny flowers on straight stems Available dyed in many colours
Gerbera -- Daisy like flower, Wide variety of colours great for contemporary events
Gloriosa -- Very dramatic flower
Heliconia -- tropical flower.
Hyacinth -- Variety of colours and beautiful fragrance
Hydrangea -- Variety of colours, Large heads of flowers
Iris --Not long lasting. but popular bloom
Lily -- lilies are available throughout the year, but not in all colours.
Lily of the valley -- Has a lovely scent, tiny white bell flowers. Tends to be pricey
Lisianthus -- popular and used as an alternative to roses and available in various colours.

Lisianthus bouquet image from www.

Muscari Also known as Grape Hyacinth, Can be seen in 1st image
Narcissus -- Including daffodils , Nothing screams spring more than these beautiful flowers
Nigella -- Delicate. flowers, very papery. Also called Love in a Mist
Oncidium Orchid -- small yellow flowers along the stems.
Phalaenopsis orchid -- large flower, perfect for a wedding bouquet.
Phlox -- popular country garden flower.
Ranunculus -- delicate, papery flowers. Wonderful for romantic weddings.

Ranunculas bouquet image from www.

Rose -- needs no explanation! Available in almost every colour.
Stephanotis -- individual white, waxy flowers. Make wonderful buttonholes and bouquets.
Sunflower -- striking flower usually in yellow.
Sweet pea -- short lived. Wonderful colours and scents.
Sweet William -- country garden flowers
Tulip -- a very popular cut flower with many different varieties.

If your looking for inspiration for bouquets take a good look at www.

I hope that you find this series of posts  informative and useful.
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Monday, 7 March 2011

Mothers Day Card

Having trouble with my photography today. Couldn't get the box and card to photograph the same > Don't know what Im doing wrong oh well.

Here is a card I have designed for Mothers Day for a potential Client. Im hoping she will like it especially as it looks much better in real life.

A5 Bespoke card and Box with Bespoke verse. £8.00 postage and packaging £1.50

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cupid, Cupcakes and Candelabras

Here is the ad we are going to be running in various places it has our soon to be launced new website address on it, so don't go there as we are not quite reeay yet LOL

Based on the Hollywood film flyers of the 1940's we hope you like it.
Any comments appreciated

present and poor website or just  save time and call me Rattytatty (or Tracey Allen if you prefer) on 01270 215625

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

1st images from shoot

 Well this is the 1st image from the wedding shoot. All the models are not professionals we thought that this represented what we all do, which is taking you the bride and groom and making you the stars of your own show.

 The photographer SteelOrchid have done an amazing job considering the day was so overcast that even the rooms lighting was badly effected. So hats of to you both Chris and Mike for providing us with stunning images and these are just taster shots. 


This was taken in the Bridal suite at Haslington Hall.
 The amazing dress Bluebell and the jewellery in this shot was provided by Cheshire Bridal Wear A stunning fantasy of a dress, I think you'll all agree, we used this dress in one of our Black and White themed shoots based on a 30's 40's Hollywood masked ball . The mask we used for this shoot was the amazing filigree mask "Katherine" provided by  You can see it in more detail below.

Earrings were models own.
Make up and hair by Vickie Quinn 07894 584847

Same dress, tiara and necklace also by Cheshire Bridal Wear "Yvonne" Heirloom bouquet by
Hair and make up by LA Hair and Make-up contact through

We did another black and white shoot with this dress "Whitney" also from Cheshire Bridal Wear, Fascinator was also provided by them.  A very different look and you will have to wait to see other images to see what we did with it .This image was also taken in the Bridal Suite at Haslington Hall

We set up one table as an example of how we would have dressed the 1930s slash 40's Hollywood feel table , more images and details still to come . The stunning arrangement was provided by Acer Florists website is and the amazing candelabra "Windsor" is from

Much much more to come over the next few days

Monday, 21 February 2011

Rattytatty Designs (Events) Photoshoot a very public thank you

Well we had the photoshoot on Sunday and I can't wait to share all the images with everyone however until they are edited I would like to say
thank you so much to all the companies below
Without you all Sunday  would have fallen flat in a very big way  The venue was amazing everyone loved all the rooms thanks so much for giving us th run of the whole venue Chris and Mike what can I say. Above and beyond the call of duty. You were on your feet from 9 am till 5pm and no sign of flagging. Images I got a quick look at were astounding. Can't wait to see them all Joan another above and beyond the call of duty. It was a pleasure to work with you. I can't wait to see your images as well although am worried about any images you caught of me running around madly Oh Julie, Your dresses were all amazing and i know the models loved dressing in them  renamed Acer flowers. Jan Everyone was so impressed with your beautiful flowers especially that showstopper of a centerpeice to go with Munique designs amazing Candelabra Helen Loved your black and white cake. Great job probably good job it wasn't real else we would have eaten it LOL Oh karin The torture we all went through smelling those beautiful cupcakes all day. They smelt truly devine Colin your formals were stunning , you were great to work with and Im not surprised your recomended at Peckforton Castle great quality great price  Malcolm your rings were all stunning, I didn't want to send them back Lol  Ann and Lorraine  you both worked tirelessly and if my feet were anything to go by yours must have been so painful. Great job with the make up and hair on your models
Vicky Quinn again above and beyond don't know how you three kept at it for so long. You also did a great job of hair and make up and I couldn't have done it without the three of you working so hard Kevin . Wow in real life your candelabra was even more impressive than on the site. Great products amazing prices Sarah your bouquet was so beautiful I actually changed shoot idea to use it more often. Tanith your masks were even better in real life and I loved using them in the shoots. I know the models enjoyed wearing hem I caught them playing with them after the shot finished
Plus all the fantastic models
James Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant model. You did a fantastic job and I know the photos will be stunning
Holly Thanks for sticking it out despite feeling under the weather with very good reason. Your shots with James looked fantastic from what I have seen
Jess otherwise known as Spotty , because of the dress. Sorry for not remembering your name LOL you were fantastic full of smiles
James Ah Thanks for running for coffees whilst waiting for your shoot to start . Your images will be ace you looked great in your formals
Louise Well you and your sister were both fantastic both in the dresses and generally helping around the shoot Both your images look great
Clare What can I say when I saw your images at the beginning of the shoot I knew that we were in for a stunning day with amazing results
Ashley Thanks so much to you and Vicky for stepping in and assisting before and after shoot as well as being a fantastic model, fun to be around
Vicky Its always a joy to be around you and you always make me smile and laugh, you looked amazing and also big thanks for all the extra help
Beckie I know that you don;t like make-up and you put up with make up all day for the shoot plus helping out too. You are so modest I Can't wait to see your face when you realise how beautiful you are.
Madison and Sarah Thanks to Sarah for letting us use Madison in the shoot and really saving my bacon. I know some of the images of you and Madison together are beautiful
Plus a hugh big extrodinary thanks to Bindi for being a true friend and stepping into the breach with an extra car for shifting all the items in a huge military manouver
Despite a few minor hiccups, the 4 year old model taking ill the night before at 10pm didn't have a 4 year old for shoot, rapidly replaced with the help of twitter and Madisons wonderful Mum @SarahBySarah at approx 10.15
Loss of my assistant due to car breaking down. and a couple of other minor hiccups. I think that all in all the shoot went amazingly well. I don't think you all realise just how fantastic you all were and how much you all achieved over the last couple of weeks, and especially how much you acheived on Sunday.
Sunday was a bit like having 6 weddings in one day, you all excelled yourselves and Im really proud to say that I have worked with all of you. I would happily recomend each and everyone of you to any of my clients,
Give yourselves a huge pat on the back
I feel a bit like the Bride at the time I knew more or less where everyone was and what they were doing. But I now can't remember my own name LOL
Thank you, Thank You, Thank You
Keep an eye on this space amazing photos coming soon

Monday, 17 January 2011

#BizTrain Networking Event NW and 4N

I 1st fell in love with networking at 4N#. Plus reading Brad Burtons GOYA, if you don't know what GOYA stands for its Get off your Arse, a truly brilliant business book . I suppose Networking appeals to the part of me that believes that kindnesses are rewarded, that honesty and hard work pay off, and that determination and dedication are things to be proud of.

I wouldn't give up my 4N breakfasts for love nor money. They are fun and Ive learned so much from attending them. Ive made great contacts who I'm happy to pass work too, Ive only been a member for about 5 weeks. So I'm not expecting the referrals to come flooding in yet, but already Ive met loads of great people I'm happy to work with. Plus had loads of free advice that's saved me loads of money. Want to join 4N start here or join me at one of Crewe's meetings dates and booking info here

Ive always wanted to help people, I'm that person that old lades ask to reach things from the top shelf in supermarkets. I was also a member of Join Me. A group based on the idea of Pass it on. That you could make the word a better place by being nicer, kinder, and doing random good deeds secretly.

So I decided that I would like to do something to combine my organisational skills, with my love of networking and help an under supported Charity.
Missing People

So I decided to GOMA and organise a quarterly business tweet up with extras.

Its called BizTrain You may wonder why,  2 reasons well the biz bit is obvious , but the train well a train is a vehicle that takes you and others to your destination. Plus it also tied in nicely with Virgin Training Academy venue

So we're going to have free workshops and a speaker. A charity auction, food,  and a laugh.

We will both get  to meet loads of great businesses, and also meet up with many of the local tweeters who make tweeting such a joy  . Can't wait to meet you!
It will be held on the 23rd Feb at Virgin Trains Training Academy.
You can book Here

The speaker is an inspirational lady called Sally Inkster @DivaDressing from Diva Dressing
Shes going to show you how your clothes can work for your business.

We have excellent workshops
Amanda Daniels @koogar  The creative director of Koogar Digital Marketing  "What your brand says about your business"

 and from Mhairi Gordon @CoachMhairi who specialises in Business coaching start up creative businesses "Your business workout."

Plus if you want to talk to me at any time during the event on how you can get more from your twitter account. I'm quite willing to help where I can.

If you'd like us to send an Invite to a company you'd like to work with but aren't sure about approaching directly. If they attend we will introduce you and your business to them. The rest is up to you.

As soon as you sign up. Ill tweet a bit about your business, inviting people to come and meet you!

Hope to see you there. and help you promote your business to my followers.

Booking link

Id like to finish with a big thank you to Brad Burton @BradBurton for showing me that business can be done the way I hoped. Honestly fairly and by building friendships, and for his great book Goya buy Paperback here and new Kindle version here

Saturday, 8 January 2011

So what has Rattytatty been upto over Christmas

Well, other than having a truly fantastic Christmas, loads of fantastic food, and a brilliant cocktail party with great friends. I have also been working. Completing a set of wedding stationery for a client ,  Her wedding dress is a shade of Oyster, Bridesmaids are in purple and the ring is white gold. So these are the colours I used to design the set

Wanting to keep the tables fairly uncluttered we went for a 3 sided tall thin combined table number and menu

Unfortunately the photos of the table plan didn't come out very well. But I am getting some photos from the venue so I will replace this image at a later date.

If you'd lke to know more about our stationery please visit us at

I also have designed 4 sets of stationery for Haslington Hall's, Haslington  open days which are on the
15th January 19th February and 12th of March.

Three of the sets I have designed are shown below. Sorry for the poor lighting on the photos.

This set was based on the theme Easter. Love the yellow and orange gingham check. The favors have yellow mini eggs in them bedded in iridescent orange cellophane nests

The black and white set features an image of Haslington Hall drawn by our Artist. The set was designed around the Tudor buildings front.

This set was designed to go with gold candelabra and gold beaded mat, cream table cloths  and chair covers adorned with gold chair bows.

I was then inspired to create a Gold and Cream paper bouquet to finish the set.

If you want to know more about our event management and venue dressing services
please visit

Can't wait till I get photos, of all the complete sets adorning the tables of my clients wedding. and Haslington Halls open days