Monday, 17 January 2011

#BizTrain Networking Event NW and 4N

I 1st fell in love with networking at 4N#. Plus reading Brad Burtons GOYA, if you don't know what GOYA stands for its Get off your Arse, a truly brilliant business book . I suppose Networking appeals to the part of me that believes that kindnesses are rewarded, that honesty and hard work pay off, and that determination and dedication are things to be proud of.

I wouldn't give up my 4N breakfasts for love nor money. They are fun and Ive learned so much from attending them. Ive made great contacts who I'm happy to pass work too, Ive only been a member for about 5 weeks. So I'm not expecting the referrals to come flooding in yet, but already Ive met loads of great people I'm happy to work with. Plus had loads of free advice that's saved me loads of money. Want to join 4N start here or join me at one of Crewe's meetings dates and booking info here

Ive always wanted to help people, I'm that person that old lades ask to reach things from the top shelf in supermarkets. I was also a member of Join Me. A group based on the idea of Pass it on. That you could make the word a better place by being nicer, kinder, and doing random good deeds secretly.

So I decided that I would like to do something to combine my organisational skills, with my love of networking and help an under supported Charity.
Missing People

So I decided to GOMA and organise a quarterly business tweet up with extras.

Its called BizTrain You may wonder why,  2 reasons well the biz bit is obvious , but the train well a train is a vehicle that takes you and others to your destination. Plus it also tied in nicely with Virgin Training Academy venue

So we're going to have free workshops and a speaker. A charity auction, food,  and a laugh.

We will both get  to meet loads of great businesses, and also meet up with many of the local tweeters who make tweeting such a joy  . Can't wait to meet you!
It will be held on the 23rd Feb at Virgin Trains Training Academy.
You can book Here

The speaker is an inspirational lady called Sally Inkster @DivaDressing from Diva Dressing
Shes going to show you how your clothes can work for your business.

We have excellent workshops
Amanda Daniels @koogar  The creative director of Koogar Digital Marketing  "What your brand says about your business"

 and from Mhairi Gordon @CoachMhairi who specialises in Business coaching start up creative businesses "Your business workout."

Plus if you want to talk to me at any time during the event on how you can get more from your twitter account. I'm quite willing to help where I can.

If you'd like us to send an Invite to a company you'd like to work with but aren't sure about approaching directly. If they attend we will introduce you and your business to them. The rest is up to you.

As soon as you sign up. Ill tweet a bit about your business, inviting people to come and meet you!

Hope to see you there. and help you promote your business to my followers.

Booking link

Id like to finish with a big thank you to Brad Burton @BradBurton for showing me that business can be done the way I hoped. Honestly fairly and by building friendships, and for his great book Goya buy Paperback here and new Kindle version here

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